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Transforming Lives through Literacy with Emily Francis

Seidlitz Education, together with ELLevation Education and Inlier Learning are honored to invite you to an online fundraiser to celebrate the launch of If You Only Knew: Letters from an Immigrant Teacher by Emily Francis. Proceeds from this event will go to Child Aid, an organization working to transform how reading and literacy are taught in Guatemala.

At Seidlitz Education we recognize that we have a lot of work to do to reform systems that perpetuate racism in this country. As educators, in particular, we have a great responsibility to equip young people with the knowledge, values, and courage they need to be social justice leaders. Talking about race in the classroom isn’t always easy, however, we know we have a lot to learn. This resource list from Colorín Colorado is a great place to start.


As we face this unprecedented, world-wide crisis, Seidlitz Education is offering new, remote learning opportunities of all your favorite trainings to meet your needs.

We are also happy to provide any of our already exisiting trainings through an online format.

Guidance from the United States Department of Education

Fact Sheet on Providing Services to English Learners During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Published May 18th, 2020

About Us

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Our Mission

Seidlitz Education’s mission is to support school districts and teachers with enhancing  language development for all students, especially English Learners. At Seidlitz Education, we share with educators the mission of helping students grow in academic literacy.

What We Do

Seidlitz Education provides research-based consultations, trainings, coaching, and products with innovative educational tools that focus on ways we can help develop language in every classroom. We are always looking for user-friendly ways to help teachers give students rich background knowledge and the ability to communicate in academic settings.

Our Team

Seidlitz Education’s team is made up of a group of dedicated authors, researchers, and educators. We share with teachers and education leaders the mission of creating welcoming classrooms where all students are able to grow in language and literacy.


Dr. Mónica Lara is so knowledgeable and engaging, the teachers and principals learn several strategies that can be implemented the first day of school and into the school year. Excellent presenter. Many teachers stopped by to report they were impressed with Mónica and appreciated the training! We would love to book her for future trainings.

John Seidlitz was a hit with the principals! They loved the session and can’t stop talking about it. This was just what they needed. 

I found the training very useful because of the connections provided by Stephen. His rapport with teachers and the delivery of knowledgeable information was fabulous.

Dr. Michelle Yzquierdo was terrific! Participants were completely engaged throughout this valuable training. Michelle was flexible in meeting our changing needs, providing customized attention. I hope we see her again sometime! 

We loved Anna and would have her back to teach/train anytime! She not only met our expectations, she exceeded them! Our staff was enthusiastic and engaged all day long! We couldn’t be happier and we are so grateful for try amazing work you all are doing for English Learners. Thank you!


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Kathy Belanger

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Michelle Belanger

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