Presentations and Materials

Using Foundational Skills with Newcomer ELLs

Presented by: Andrew Rogers

Orgullo Bilingüe and Biliteracy for Long Term ELs

Presented by: Esmeralda Alday

STAAR Writing for Els

Presented by: Alfredo Sagum &

Margaret Rutaquio

Organizational and Structural Supports for ELs in a Comprehensive High School

Presented by: Candice Ayalya

Building Language and Relationships: A Literacy Partnership Between ESOL and the Library

Presented by: Amanda Noyes & Kim McCalla

Color-Coded Grammar & Writing Tips: How Color Brings Writing to Life!

Presented by: Averil Mitchell-Robinson

Expanding the Horizon of ELs through Instructional Coaching

Presented by: Dr. Delia Cruz-Fernandez & Luis Sosa

Strengthening Bridges Between Two Languages

Presented by: Michelle Orobitg-Baca

Incorporating 7 Steps in the Real World With a Real Teacher

Presented by: Gabrielle Torres

Writing Stronger and Effective Paragraphs Using the Reading and Writing Connection

Presented by: Dario Contreras Enciso

EL Campus Coach: Guiding ELs to Success through Collaboration, Education, and Encouragement

Presented by: Whitney Barber, Ginger Ediger, Andrea Morgan, Sarah Potter

Language Enrichment that Works!

Presented by: Lili Dibai, Lee Glaesemann, Joël Johnson, Sarah Arnold Martinez

Dictado: A Guide to Successful Implementation in the K-5 Classroom

Presented by: Liliana Scuilla

Putting the Pieces Together: Strengthening Engagement for ALL Learners

Presented by: Bret Gosselin

Shakespeare for Newcomers

Presented by: Orly Klapholz

Student Ownership of Learning

Presented by: Lisa Alfonso

Compliance and Instructional Practices to Support Language & Academic Growth in our Secondary ELs

Presented by: Yolanda Rios & Carrie Barras