Teaching Math to English Learners for Administrators

Teaching Math to English Learners for Administrators

When & Where:

August 30, 2023

2:30 pm – 5:30 pm CST

Online via Zoom

Presented by: Adrian Mendoza, Dr. Jim Ewing, and Diane Kue

What it is:

Seidlitz Education’s Teaching Math to ELs for Administrators is an interactive 3-hour online workshop for administrators. Participants will learn from three math experts how to support teachers to meet the needs of emergent bilinguals (MLLs) and newcomers in the math classroom.

An interactive session where participants engage in practical approaches for supporting EBs (MLLs), newcomers, and all students with developing academic language and foster critical thinking skills specific to mathematics instruction. 

Topics will include ideas for administrators to support teachers to

  • Incorporate mathematical process standards/ mathematical practices
  • Position emergent bilinguals and newcomers to succeed
  • Boost mathematical mindsets
  • Develop math language
  • Promote academic discourse while problem solving
  • Strengthen skills through coaching 


  • Administrators
  • EL/MLL Program Leaders
  • Mathematics Department Heads, Coordinators, or Directors
  • Campus or District Leadership
  • Campus or District Instructional Lead 

Recommended Companion Books