ELLs in Texas: What TEACHERS Need to Know


ELLs in Texas: What TEACHERS Need to Know

Author: John Seidlitz, Melinda Base, Monica Lara, Howard Smith

ELLs in TX: What Teachers Need to Know provides elements of expertise for all teachers of ELLs. Discover a heart for working with ELLs while advocating for the local programs. This valuable resource will help you overcome barriers to parent participation, create an accessible, interactive classroom, prioritize language development, and focus on progress and proficiency. 

Developed especially for educators of ELLs, this book features:

• Teachers seeking ELL-related certification 

• Content-area teachers of ELLs 

• Bilingual/dual language 

• ESL teachers 

• Specialists and coordinators 

• School Leaders 

*aligned to TExES ESL and bilingual teacher competencies