Seidlitz Education &

Multilinguals Forward

Virtual SLIFE Conference

November 2020

We asked our wonderful presenters to share their presentations and any other materials from their sessions. You can find the resources from various sessions below.

Presentation Materials

SLIFE: More than One Lens

Presented by: Pamela Broussard

The U.S. Refugee School Impact Program

Presented by: Laura Gardner

Yes They Can! Making Content Lessons Comprehensible

Presented by: Dr. Michelle Yzquierdo


(Coming Soon)

Fostering Academic Achievement for SLIFE: the Mutually Adaptive Learning Paradigm – MALP

Presented by: Dr. Helaine W. Marshall

Rapid Literacy for Secondary Emergent Readers

Presented by: Carol Salva

The Power of Sentences

Presented by: Suzanna McNamara & Annie Smith

Supporting SLIFE Using Foundational Skills in Native Language and English

Presented by: Orly Klapholz & Sarah Digby