Valentina Gonzalez

Educational Consultant

Valentina Gonzalez is an educational consultant and a content creator for Seidlitz Education. She is also a longtime educator serving emergent bilingual students and their families from around the globe. Her personal experience as an immigrant from Yugoslavia and language learner fuel her desire to advocate for multilingual children and support teachers with the best research-based teaching methods. 

Valentina leads engaging professional learning opportunities and coaches teachers on effective sheltered instruction strategies. She also creates highly sought after infographics and resources to support educators of multilingual students. Her work’s primary focuses have been on literacy, culture, and language. 

Valentina has presented and been a keynote speaker at conferences both locally and nationally. In addition, she is the coauthor of the popular and newly released book, Reading & Writing with English Learners: A Framework for K-5. Her work has also been published in numerous journals and professional publications such as Edutopia, MiddleWeb, TEPSA, Ed Week, and School Library Journal. 

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Author Of

Reading & Writing with English Learners

Practical and effective techniques for accommodating reading and writing instruction to design learning that simultaneously increases literacy and language development.

Krofne with Baba

This sweet story of family and traditions, inspired by Valentina Gonzalez’s real-life experences, celebrates culture, traditions, and language.


This training (7 Steps) was one of the best I’ve been to in the past 12 years. Great presentation, was very engaging. Thank you for sharing all this knowledge with us.


Incredible sheltered instruction training! Easy to follow and great pacing!


This training allowed me to see what I have already incorporated in my class, what needs to be further developed to ensure student success, and activities that can be done to continue to support language growth. It was amazing! Thank you for the wonderful trainer, your wealth of knowledge and resources.

Featured In

March 3, 2021

• Edutopia •

“…There is much we can learn from observing a child read in their primary language even if we don’t speak or understand the language. The simple act of sitting side-by-side with a student and observing them with a book in their language allows us to see how they interact with text, and we can listen for expression and watch for visual clues of engagement or excitement…”

January 8, 2018

• National Council of Teachers of English •

“…Culturally responsive teaching is not about one day of celebrating a certain culture. It’s about daily practices that bring students’ cultures into instruction, valuing each student and what they bring, teaching them as people first in order to maximize their potential as students….”

January, 2018

• ASCD Education Update •

“…While I’m reading aloud to my students, I’m doing the heavy lifting with vocabulary and decoding so that they can experience the joy of the text…”

August 29, 2017

• School Library Journal •

“…During my 20-plus years in teaching, I refined four powerful instructional strategies that help give ELL students the tools they need to succeed in school—and as lifelong learners….”

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