Dr. Stephen Fleenor

Educational Consultant

Dr. Stephen Fleenor is a scientist-turned-educator who is inspired by the principles of sheltered instruction and growth mindset, particularly in the advancement of academic language in content-area classrooms. As a Content Developer at Seidlitz Education, Dr. Fleenor drives development of language-rich resources for content-area teachers, including production of instructional technologies and, most notably, The Visual Non-Glossary (http://www.thevisualnonglossary.com).

Dr. Fleenor has also served as an educational consultant with Seidlitz, working with schools and teachers across Texas and beyond in professional development and instructional coaching. Prior to working with Seidlitz, Dr. Fleenor was an instructional coach and high school science teacher at a Title I school in San Antonio, TX, where he was awarded the Edgewood ISD District Teacher of the Year Award and the KENS5 ExCEL Award in 2017.

Dr. Fleenor is the author of Teaching Science to English Learners with Tina Beene. He holds a PhD in Developmental Biology from Oxford University and a Masters in School Leadership from the University of the Incarnate Word.

Author Of

Teaching Science to English Learners

Teaching Science to English Learners is a go-to resource for science educators to promote listening, speaking, reading, and writing in their classrooms.

The Visual Non-Glossary

This resource is designed to make deep learning about science concepts available to all students. This depth is achieved, in the scientific community as much as the science classroom, from rich discussions about science content using academic vocabulary.


This training was overall excellent! Today I was re-energized on how to work with our LTELLs.


This training was very informative! Really enjoyed it, and you’ve got great energy! I will definitely be integrating into my classroom!


The Visual Non-Glossary is a game-changer for me. – Science Teacher


The Visual Non-Glossary helps me to break down my lesson and gives me a focus on how to better help my students grasp tough concepts. – Science Teacher


My students were bored in their science lessons, until I started using The Visual Non-Glossary… now they love science! – Dual Language Elementary Teacher

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