Sally Barnes

Educational Consultant

Sally Barnes is a former Spanish teacher and world language program coordinator overseeing 200+ language teachers in a large school district. She has pursued her career in language teaching since her first Spanish and French class in seventh grade, and that dream has taken her from a small town in Wisconsin to living in Costa Rica, teaching in Arizona, Colorado, and Texas, and working with educators across the nation to support their language students, teachers, and programs! 

Sally was named Texas Foreign Language Teacher of the Year by TFLA, and Alumni of the Year at Northern Arizona University, but her biggest accomplishment has been 10 years as an educator, serving students with diverse needs and skill sets. Today, her focus is creating meaningful, engaging, and fun experiences in all classrooms in which languages are being taught and providing teachers and administration with tools and strategies they need to feel successful and supported every day. She prioritizes realistic expectations, reaching and teaching the students of today, and striking the balance between trying new ideas and strengthening current strategies to reach all learners. 

Sally is able to customize LOTE trainings for school districts based on her areas of expertise including:

  • planning with proficiency levels and leveling up with supports
  • lesson planning, curriculum design & development, and rubric + assessment design & development

  • authentic resource usage for all levels, foreign language pedagogy, and purposeful PLCs.  

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