Isaac Márquez

Educational Consultant

Isaac Márquez, a seasoned educator with a global background, offers a distinctive perspective shaped by his diverse experiences. Born in Mexico, raised in Canada, and educated in the United States, Isaac’s journey has enriched his understanding of education in multicultural settings.

Isaac’s foray into the field of education began in 2007 when he embarked on a path as an alternatively certified educator. During the early years of his career, he dedicated himself to teaching English language learners, honing his skills in supporting students who were navigating the complexities of language acquisition. The transformative impact he witnessed within his classroom fueled his passion for education.

After nine successful years as a classroom teacher, Isaac transitioned to a new role as a bilingual instructional specialist. This transition allowed him to extend his impact beyond a single classroom and work collaboratively with educators in a different capacity. As a bilingual instructional specialist, Isaac had the privilege of collaborating with numerous dedicated bilingual teachers, supporting their growth and development.

Driven by his love for learning and teaching, Isaac’s journey led him to Seidlitz Education, where he currently serves as a consultant and content creator.

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