Anna Matis

Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Anna Matis is the Chief Product & Marketing Officer and a senior educational consultant for Seidlitz Education. Her love of language learning stems from childhood experiences as an immigrant and ESL student herself from Budapest, Hungary. Being proficient in multiple languages, she is passionate about second language acquisition for all ages, pedagogical connections between LOTE and ESL teachers, and research pertaining to heritage language learning as well as long-term ELs.

She has led professional development, coached teachers, and created educational products for both teachers and administrators working with multilingual students. Her goal has always been to help teachers better meet the linguistic needs of their langauge learners. She has presented locally and nationally on best practices for quality foreign language and ESL instruction, as well as effective training strategies for teachers of multilingual learners.

In 2018, Anna wrote the book 7 Steps to a Language-Rich, Interactive Foreign Language Classroom for LOTE teachers, based on the seminal work by John Seidlitz and Bill Perryman. She also co-authored Boosting Achievement: Reaching Students with Interrupted or Minimal Education with Carol Salva.

To read more about Anna’s book, trainings, and resources for world language teachers, please see her website

Author Of

7 Steps to a Language-Rich, Interactive Foreign Language Classroom

Research-based strategies designed to increase comprehensible input and provide low-stress opportunities for language output and interaction.

Boosting Achievement: Reaching Students with Interrupted or Minimal Education

A guide to help educators and school districts navigate the challenges and learning opportunities unique to SIFE (Students with Interrupted Formal Education).


This training was amazing! Anna totally engaged us in the learning process of the 7 Steps to a Language-Rich, Interactive Classroom. Very meaningful and useful!


This training was great. Love Anna’s presentation…easy going, fun, engaging. Wonderful presenter – rewarding workshop.


Hands down best training I have ever had! I truly have enjoyed this experience, so much so I’m doubting my choice in my current masters program.


Wonderful linguist and pedagogue. Rather knowledgeable expert in second language acquisition. Her powerful didactic techniques work with both adults and children in acquiring a second, third…umpteenth language. Really enjoyed your workshop, Anna. Keep it up.


This was tons of fun! I love how everything you’ve done is research-based & tied to ACTFL! Thank you!


It was an amazing experience to be in such an immersive and enjoyable session! Kudos to Anna!

Featured In

July 12, 2018

• Language Magazine •

“…The integral function of the seven steps is to build a communicative classroom environment where students are not only motivated to participate but have access points to use the target language (English, French, Spanish, German, etc.) in a way that is comprehensible to them and scaffolded for their various language levels…”

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