Aloise Miller

Educational Consultant

Aloise Miller has worked in multilingual education for 35 years. Her early career found her working with the farm workers in California as a Migrant Education teacher and volunteer with El Teatro Campesino. In 1990, Aloise traveled to the Kingdom of Lesotho as a Peace Corps Volunteer where she worked as a Primary Resource Teacher. She supported and trained primary school teachers in seven mountain villages. Upon returning to California, Aloise worked as an ESL teacher providing instruction to Southeast Asian refugees. In 1998, Ms. Miller moved to San Antonio, Texas. She was a Dual Language teacher for 15 years and has served as a Bilingual/ESL district specialist for the last nine years. She has been an Adjunct Presenter for Seidlitz Education since 2019.

Her commitment to providing quality education to multilingual students and emergent bilinguals keeps her learning as much as possible to improve access and outcomes for all.



Amazing trainer, very professional, expertise in the area of PD and strategy


Great planning time, very knowledgeable and accessible to tailor the training/coaching to meet the needs of our teachers.

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