Adrian Mendoza

Educational Consultant

Adrian Mendoza began his journey in education teaching English learners (adults and children) in Monterrey, Mexico, more than 12 years ago, where he discovered his passion for education. When he moved to Texas to teach 5th Grade in a bilingual classroom, he understood the importance of the language and the culture in order to inspire students to become contributing members of our society.

Adrian previously worked as an Instructional Math Coach in San Marcos CISD, and has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Texas State University. His commitment leads him to innovate in the education area, and his present action research project is about the importance of Building Mathematical Growth Mindset Communities.

Adrian has provided Professional Development to educators for more than 5 years in the areas of Bilingual Education, Math, Science, Technology, and Student Engagement, working with teachers and parents in United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Author Of

Teaching Math to English Learners

Teaching Math to English Learners ensures that all students are able to participate equitably in their learning communities, fostering students’ confidence in themselves as mathematicians and helping to inspire a lifelong appreciation for mathematics. 


Excellent training – teachers were positive about what they learned!


Adrian was GREAT! We would have him back in a heartbeat! His passion and enthusiasm is contagious!


Adrian Mendoza was phenomenal. Our teachers took away a lot of new strategies from him and our administration was very satisfied. He is personable and makes things practical. He is flexible and easy to reach- very responsive. I am so excited to have his services this year, and our other buildings are starting to become more interested- so I see a future and long-term partnership with Seidlitz services in our district.

Featured In

June 17, 2020

• Seidlitz Education Blog •

“…Jo Boaler is conducting research on mathematics, mistakes, and growth mindset with Stanford University professors Carol Dweck and Greg Walton. Reading their research has been eye opening for me in understanding the importance of growth mindset in mathematics, giving me the awareness that everybody can learn math at high levels…”

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