Tina Beene

Educational Consultant

Tina Beene began her career as an alternatively certified bilingual fifth grade teacher who planned to teach for a few years while she figured out what she really wanted to be when she grew up. As it turned out, the classroom was exactly where she belonged and she has devoted her career to helping students realize their potential while advocating for linguistic supports and systems that facilitate that growth.

Tina has lived and worked in North Texas throughout her career as a classroom teacher, instructional specialist, and district program coordinator. She has overseen an elementary bilingual program that serves almost 10,000 students and now supports secondary ELL students and teachers.


Tina did an outstanding job presenting 7 Steps to a Language Rich Classroom. She had participants fully engaged in learning the steps and provided tools that they can immediately go back and implement in their classrooms. Tina incorporated personal testimonies and humor in her presentation which I believe helped her connect with the participants. I plan on booking another training for next year. As I told Tina, “I have never experienced a “bad” training per say, when attending one from Seidlitz. Thanks so much!
Crockett ISD
Ms. Beene did a great job training our ESL Social Studies teachers. I recommend her workshop and book highly.
Rio Grande City CISD

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