Dr. Michelle Yzquierdo

Educational Consultant

Because of her knowledge of ELLs and her engaging and enthusiastic presentation style, Dr. Michelle Yzquierdo has become a very popular and sought-after trainer and presenter, receiving accolades from individuals from all facets of education. She has presented at the local and state level on a variety of topics including best practices for ELLs, implementation of effective new arrival centers, factors contributing to the success of high school immigrants as well as numerous trainings addressing state and federal accountability and compliance concerns.

Excelling in the field of education the last 13 years, Dr. Yzquierdo has worked closely with ELLs and teachers of ELLs in multiple capacities. Her experience includes high school science teacher, new arrival team, where she taught students from all demographic groups, including ELLs and first-year immigrant ELLs. She has held a variety of other positions including science department chair, sheltered instruction peer facilitator, district ESL instructional specialists and educational program specialist. Dr. Yzquierdo has received numerous awards and honors during her time in education including teacher of the year, accommodations from the Texas House of Representatives, and fellowships in both Switzerland and Swaziland.
Dr. Yzquierdo holds an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University, a Master’s Degree from the University of Houston, and most recently completed a Doctorate Degree from Lamar University in 2013. Her doctoral research focused on the factors contributing to the success of high school immigrant students and she continues researching and presenting on this important topic. As the child of an immigrant, the teacher of numerous immigrant ELLs throughout the years, and a researcher, Dr. Yzquierdo has seen first-hand what it takes to support ELLs and immigrant ELLs so they may see success. She has dedicated her career to providing educators with the appropriate and necessary research-based strategies and tools to assist ELLs in becoming proficient in both English-language and content acquisition. Dr. Yzquierdo lives in Baytown, TX with her husband.


Best training EVER! Michelle was so lively, funny, and EVERYTHING she said made sense and was such a great idea.

An amazing presenter – she kept her audience enthusiastic about learning.

Michelle Yzquierdo was especially entertaining. Truthfully, no one wants to go to a PD all day; however she made it worth it. I didn’t feel like my day was wasted and I took information that I could use to make little changes the very next day in my classroom. She was awesome! Thank you!

Words are not enough to say how much the staff enjoyed the training!!! One of the best ever!!!!

Debra Bauer – Goliad ISD

Dr Y worked with me over several meetings to tailor the training ot meet the needs of the participants in the Region. Dr. Y is very easy to work with; accommodating…always willing to try new and creative ways to deliver the information. She develops a rapport with the audience…actually everyone she meets! Enjoy her message; her attention to detail and warm-welcoming personality!! Thank you Dr. Y for making it meaningful and relevant!!

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