Dr. Lora Beth Escalante

Educational Consultant

A second language learner herself, Dr. Escalante understands the joys and frustrations that accompany language acquisition. She has enjoyed working in the education field during the past 16 years. Her experience includes ESL, bilingual and dual language education in a variety of settings ranging from inner city to rural schools to university. She has taught ESL in Mexico as part of a teacher cohort with the University of Colorado in Boulder while completing her Master’s in Multicultural Education and ESL. As part of her doctoral studies at the University of Texas at San Antonio, she taught ESL in a high school in Hadsammran, Thailand. These cultural exchanges with teachers and students from diverse backgrounds furthered her appreciation of language learning.
Lora Beth believes that each and every teacher and student brings unique skills and life experiences that can enhance the lives of others around them. Dr. Escalante was honored as her school’s Teacher of the Year during her time in Denver, Colorado because of the ways in which she engaged students and made learning divertido. She encourages teachers to use their God-given talents to connect with students and think outside the box. Teaching by example, Dr. Escalante was instrumental in implementing and maintaining a school garden at a local elementary school in order to promote hands-on learning for students. Her dissertation analyzed how students use “schoologues” (shared experiences within their schooling) while creating social studies-based one-act plays to relate to each other and develop their bilingualism and academic content. Her interactive teaching style motivates teachers to implement new strategies in their classrooms.


“As always, Dr. Escalante brought engaging, relevant content to two different groups of learners. She relates so well to our teachers and curriculum coordinators, she guides their learning and provides them with valuable tools they use immediately with teachers, administration, and students. We were beyond please with the PD she provided for us.”
“Lora Beth is an amazing trainer who is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. We truly appreciate her style of presenting and support.”

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