Reading & Writing with ELs – 5 Week Online Class

Companion Book Included

Reading and Writing with English Learners

A Framework for K-5

When & Where:

February 23rd – March 30th, 2021

5-week Learner Paced Online Course

Remote Learning via Google Classroom

Presented by: Valentina Gonzalez


What it is:

Drawing from Valentina Gonzalez and Melinda Miller’s book, Reading & Writing with English Learners, this 5 week, online course offers educators a deep dive into supporting English learners in balanced literacy classrooms. Participants will engage in online asynchronous learning as well as implement strategies in their work with English learners either in virtual classrooms or in traditional classrooms.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn instructional techniques that support English learners through balanced literacy
  • Explore strategies that promote academic language for all students in reading and writing workshop
  • Incorporate listening, speaking, reading, and writing into reading and writing instruction
  • Learn practical ways to integrate language and content literacy

Weekly Focus:

Week 1 – Implementing a Balanced Approach to Literacy with ELs in Mind

Week 2 – The Mini-Lesson and Read-Aloud

Week 3 – Moving through Reading: Shared, Guided, and Independent Reading

Week 4 – Supporting ELs with Write-Aloud and Shared Writing

Week 5 – Accommodating Independent Writing


  • K – 5 Grade Level Teachers
  • ESL Teachers
  • Reading and Writing Instructional Coaches
  • District Leaders


**A Personal Gmail Account is Necessary to Accessing the Course